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We are on of the Best Roofing and construction in all over Tamil Nadu & India. Especially Badminton Court Construction, Badminton Court Roofing Shed Works, Synthetic, Wooden Court, Football Turf, Gym Flooring This Roofing and construction is recommended by our clients for its feature like optimum performance and high quality.

Very Much Happy With The Work. One Of The Bests Quality In The Market And A Service Friendly Team. Thanks Rayan Sports. Excellent Court & Construction Work.


Turf And Artificial Grass

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Synthetic Badminton And Wooden Court

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Basketball And Tennis

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Gym And Vinyl Flooring

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

One of the best badminton court services. Their work was neat and clean. They provide 1st quality mat and Finishing of small thing is perfectly done. Keep going­čĹî­čĹŹ

Muhmmad RiyasCSC Shuttle Court - Trichy

Trustful Candidates... Good Workers...Great piece of work, delivers on time with premium qualities Perfection with superior Quality on time completion, good Support, Everything fine and service is most remarkable

Umesh RajASA Badminton Academy - Tirunelveli

Awesome work
Clean & Perfect on time..
Keep doing the same..
All the best..!

Mohamed JunaithTwins Club - Chennai

Higher Durability, Aesthetics, Lower Maintenance, Hygiene

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All Kind Of Acrylic Sports Flooring Work

Acrylic sports flooring is a popular choice for various indoor and outdoor sports facilities due to its durability, versatility, and performance-enhancing properties.

Indoor Badminton Flooring

Indoor badminton flooring is specifically designed to provide a suitable surface for playing badminton while offering the necessary traction, shock absorption, and durability.

Artificial Grass Football Turf Court Constructions

Constructing an artificial grass football turf court involves several steps to ensure a high-quality playing surface that is safe, durable, and suitable for football.

Asphalt Installations

Installing asphalt involves the process of preparing the ground, laying down the asphalt mixture, and properly compacting it to create a durable and smooth surface.

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